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CG/l vetting check list

One of the first things Lace and I did when we started this journey was create a CG/l specific checklist for vetting a prospective partner or dynamic. We wanted to create a resource which enables little's and big's to stay safe, mindful, and thoughtful when getting excited for a potential dynamic or play scene.

Through personal trial and error, as well as hearing countless stories and doing lots of research, we came up with the following document which we think will really help in the early stages of negotiation. Keep in mind that it is important to go back and revise what's working as time goes by, as things rarely stay the same in life, but we consider having a strong collaborative foundation and negotiated jumping off point absolutely essential for a successful dynamic.

The PDF document can be accessed via our google drive by clicking this link here, as well as this feel free to have a listen to episodes 3 - 7 where we go in-depth with vetting and dynamic design.

This document is a fairly clinical way of looking at a dynamic, so make sure that you go slow and take your time when discussing with everyone involved - including yourself.

Happy vetting!

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