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So you want to run a munch...

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Hi everyone,

This blog post is meant to give some information about munches for those who are thinking about hosting munches. You can find even more information about munches in episode 12 - aptly named Munches.

If you are someone who is interested in hosting munches, here are some considerations:

1. Consider your audience. Which group or groups of kinksters would you like to see at your munches? Is it age specific? Gender specific? Identity specific? This will give you ideas around where to host and what to include.

2. Consider your venue. General vanilla? A known dungeon? Will you book out a private venue owned by vanillas? Would you host at your home? Most importantly - what spaces facilitate conversations, community, and comfort? Some ideas for sites include sex shops where you can pay a fee to the owners or even ask to host a sex toy party there. A benefit of a sex shop is that kinky gear is likely okay [please still ask!] AND kinksters don't have to worry about running into vanillas they may know.

3. Consider your responsibilities. Make your rules and expectations known to all who will be attending to decrease the risk of mishaps and general issues that may arise. How would you host a typical party? What would you have to be certain of to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable? Are people there going to be able to attend without worrying about others dressing or acting like kinksters in a vanilla setting? What's parking like? There can be a lot to consider.

4. Think about the munches you have been to in the past or go to a munch before you decide to create your own. Not only does this give you a chance to figure out what you thought worked and didn't work, you will also meet people who have their own opinions on the topic too. You can get ideas about what people want.

5. Speaking of opinions, set up a way to get feedback, be it having people comment on your event or you individually messaging them to check up on them. This is also a great way to bring awareness to your event.

6. Finally, remember that you put out the atmosphere that people read. If you put out a cliquey atmosphere where you don't take the time to greet new and old people, that is the impression people will have. You don't have to be an extrovert to host munches BUT you need to be able to welcome others and put them at ease. As an introvert, the best way to do this would be kinky icebreakers or getting to know you activities where you don't have to necessarily take charge. Kinksters in my local community literally have a getting to know you munch where everyone is encouraged to ask anonymous questions and share their knowledge and learning. All the hosts really have to do is facilitate.

Most importantly, we NEED more kinksters who are capable of providing safe spaces. If you are someone who runs munches or wants to - know that it will be appreciated.

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